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German based Pixalites eBoy have been producing striking and colourful 8bit digital art for over ten years. Hailed as the ‘Godfathers of Pixel’, they are known for their works which are compiled of millions of fragmented dots.  Founded in 1997 by Steffen Sauerteig, Kai Vermehr and Svend Smital, eBoy were, and still are, at the forefront of this art form. They embrace new possibilities emerging in the ever-evolving Digital World.
   “The decision to directly work on, and for the screen, led to the use of pixels, and the modular based work system started to evolve. This resulted in complex object rich artwork.”   Adidas, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Paul Smith, DKNY, Kidrobot, MTV and The New York Times have all called upon the creative talents of eBoy for their advertising trips. Here at WUW magazine we’re all about the best art in the world - they simply put a smile on our faces whenever we look at their handiwork.    

WUW: Hello eBoys. How are you today?  eBoy: Busy as always.   WUW: What have you been up to lately?  eBoy: Two of us preparing to move to Vancouver, Canada by the end of May.   WUW: eBoy is made up of three people. How did this union occur?  eBoy: We knew each other before eBoy, and we thought it might be a good idea to work together under one name, like a band.  We started as two eBoys, very soon we were three, then four, and after some years three again.   WUW: How do you go about forming ideas for you pieces?  eBoy: If it's a job, we often start with a raw briefing or a sketch from the client. From there it is hard work. Ideas come while we’re at it.   WUW: Is it a collaborative process between you and the client?  eBoy: It depends on the client and the project really. We have been lucky, but being a slave can be fun too.   WUW: Where did the initial idea come from to form compositions using just pixels?  eBoy: We wanted to work on and for the screen, so pixels were just natural to use. And they turned out to be quite funny.   WUW: You have worked for some of the World’s leading businesses by creating imagery for their advertising campaigns. How do you find a definition point for each client, and manage to keep each project individual?  eBoy: Each project turns out to be unique because each client has different needs. But we're not an advertising agency with this kind of approach.   WUW: Who approaches whom?  eBoy: The clients have been approaching far.   WUW: What software do you use to create your art?  eBoy: Photoshop and a pinch of Google SketchUp from time to time.   WUW: What is the art process like for eBoy?  eBoy: We share work on everything, and spend hours discussing stuff.   WUW: How long does it usually take to put together an eBoy pixel extravaganza?  eBoy: To complete a big Pixorama city could take two months or even more. The problem is that we might never finish, so we publish snapshots.   WUW: You have a line of toys. Are the characters derived from pieces of pixel art you have formed in the past?  eBoy: The concept for our Peecol toys is based on a modular system of pixel-figures with interchangeable upper and lower parts. The pixel-figure-system is named Peecol too, and existed years before the toys. When we developed the toys we adapted the modular concept.   WUW: Do you ever think you would work with other medium?  eBoy: Yes, sure. It depends on the project. 3D is something we really would like to have more time for. And music. And carving with wood...   WUW: Who would you like to create a piece for that you haven’t done so already?  eBoy: Apple, George Lucas, Lego, and many, many more.    WUW: Do you have any advice for future pixel painters?  eBoy: Go to an art-school. Start a blog.   WUW: What’s the dream?  eBoy: Being able to see how the world will look like in a couple of hundred years.

Daft Punk Helmet 



Production Company: Shilo
Director: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Lead Artist: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Editor: Galen Summer
3D Artists: Christopher Fung, Dave Hill, Joji Tsuruga, Warren Heimall
Visual FX Artists: Warren Heimall, Tamir Sapir
3D Modeling: Christina Ku, Scott Denton
2D Animator: Stieg Retlin
Compositors: Andre Stringer, Dave Hill, Rick Malwitz, Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung, Warren Heimall, Joji Tsuruga, Kirsten Hall
Assistant Compositor: Helen Kim
Photographers: Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung
Matte Painters: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
Miniatures: Willi Patton

Original Music: "Still Run" from BrotherSister's 2008 release "The Wunder Tales"

Sound Design: Echolab
Sound Designer: Gavin Little

This film was created as part of the F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival:


Graphic Design/Illustration 

hello, heres a little bit about me.

I studied Visual Communucation (Graphic Design) at Loughborough 
University (2003-2006). Exhibited at New Blood in London. Won a 
D&AD Yellow Pencil for Packaging Design. I then went on to work in 
publishing in Liverpool and currently work at 
Wash Design in Preston.

In my spare time I like to screen print, make plushies, sew things, 
read, listen to music and watch girly films. 


Killa Kela - Built Like An Amplifier



U.K Based illustrator/designer/urban street wear designer

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Editor Elliott James

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